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Located within the Western Garhwal region in the state of Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most popular winter treks going around.

This is one of the treks where a less experienced trekker can go on a winter trek experience in less than a week.

The trip commences from Dehradun, from where you drive to the tiny, but pretty village of Sankri. You will find the village inside Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a shelter to diverse species of flora and fauna.

Hiking towards Juda Ka Talab – the highlight of the Kedarkantha trekking tour – encounter Saud Village and witness the traditional way of life without modern technologies. To enjoy thrilling challenges, the Kedarkantha Trek is a perfect destination for nature lovers to bask in the beauty of undisturbed nature and enjoy delightful and blissful moments with exhilarating experiences.

Best Time To Visit

Kedarkantha is an all-season trek that captivates you with a definite beauty in each season. Spring and summer boast clear skies and fresh landscapes that treat your senses with the fragrance of blooming flowers.

The glossy green pine forests look inviting and therefore the green landscape allures you with a magical freshness that is simply irresistible.

The fall season rewards you with a unique experience; trekking on the trail adorned with dried multi-hued leaves is an awesome experience.

However, winter remains considered the best time to visit Kedarkantha trek. The snowy trails lined with tall snow-drifted trees, frozen mountain lakes incandescent within the moonlight, and snowy peaks glittering at dawn and dusk in amazing hues of golden and red. The panorama of the winter landscape would leave a lasting impression on your mind

How To Reach

By Air/Road

Located around 22 km southeast of Dehradun, the Jolly Grant Airport, also referred to as Dehradun Airport, connects the town to almost all major domestic destinations

The airport also has quick access to the holy towns of Rishikesh (20 km) and Haridwar (30 km).

By Road

Dehradun is connected by road to other main cities of the country through NH 72.

Regular deluxe and normal buses to the town are easily available from ,ISBT Kashmiri Gate, Delhi.

By Rail

Dehradun railroad station connects the city to all major cities of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Varanasi, and Vadodara.

From outside the railroad station, you’ll take an auto rickshaw or hire a private taxi to reach your desired destination.

Reasons To Undertake To

Landscape views

Easy to access

Juda ka Talab, being a star of the trek.

Friendly people

Places To Visit To

Sankri (8 hours from Dehradun)

Juda Ka Talab (2-3 hours from Sankri)

Kedarkantha Base Camp (2-3 hours from Juda ka Talab)

Kedarkantha Summit, and then to Hargaon (5-6 hours from Kedarkantha Base Camp)

Level Of Difficulty

The difficulty level is Easy to moderate.

Things To Carry


Water Bottle

Energy Bars

Clothing according to the weather.


Sunscreen or sunblock

Rain essentials

Trekking shoes or boots

Extra clothing pairs


Personal Hygiene Kit

Mini First Aid Kit

Trash Bag


Some Facts

The temperature of the place varies from 15°C to – 5°C so there shouldn’t be any doubts about filling your bags with warm clothes while you choose the Kedarkantha trek in the month of December or any other month of the year for that matter.

Trekking shoes, slippers, sunscreen lotions, windcheaters, raincoats, and UV protected sunglasses, water bottles, personal medication, walking stick, torch, and care equipment should be with you in the trek

Carrying extra energy cells for the flashlight and therefore the torch will be fruitful as cells don’t work properly due to low temperature. Kedarkantha Trek

The weather out there’s cold and chilly so it is advisable to carry a proper pack of moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

The thought of keeping extra food and dry foods will be amazing

Don’t carry more than 10 kg of weight or luggage as it will become difficult to carry

Keep an appropriate amount of cash with you so that you do not fall short of the fund in the middle of the trekking tour

Avoid such treks if you’ve got breathing problems and you are acrophobic.

The person affected by a heart problem, high vital signs, and ellipses should avoid such trips.

Kedarkantha is meant to be the throat of Lord Shiva and this place has religious significance so do not try to hurt the religious sentiments of the local people.

Dehydration is one of the reasons for altitude sickness so keep yourself adequately hydrated.


If it’s about trekking, none of the treks would ever replace the serenity and vibes of the Kedarkantha trek. No wonder why this trek is the favorite of each trekker, from having a simple and safe moderate route to magnificent views it tops the list of all of the treks around.

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