May 18, 2024
high ticket sales

In his book, Mike Walsh shares real life scenarios and provides practical solutions to the most common challenges in sales. It is a clear and direct approach with no fluff. In short, The Truth Is High Sales is the perfect book for anyone who wants to grow their sales with simple, real-world advice.

Tony Cole

Resurrecting Anthony is a moving true story about a high ticket sales tragic accident that leaves Anthony Cole deaf, blind, and paralyzed. Despite the trauma, the Cole family is determined to restore Anthony to his former self. The challenges of their mission are daunting, and the family must find a balance between their demanding business schedules and the emotional needs of a grieving family.

The Coles, who were both father and son, had a successful national training business. They also had a loving family. Unfortunately, the Coles’ son suffered a cardiac arrest on a school playground and remained in a coma for months. Anthony had extensive brain damage and is now dependent on family members and nurses.

Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is an author, entrepreneur, and speaker of four books on the modern approach to selling. He has been recognized as one of the top thought leaders on sales strategy. He has created innovative sales techniques, including Building Consensus and Level 4 Value Creation.

In The Truth Is High Sales, Iannarino teaches readers how to create opportunities. This includes one-upping customers and leading from a position of authority or expertise. He also shows readers how to build relationships with their customers. This book is a must-read for any business owner.

This book is written by a sales expert who has spent decades in the industry. It teaches salespeople the tools needed to close sales. For example, Anthony encourages salespeople to ask themselves, “How did we lose that client?” This will help them examine their presentation and determine what went wrong.

It’s not enough to simply say that you want to win. You must make your competitive advantage count. If you want to win, you must make the best use of your time. Strong competitors invest time and effort in establishing relationships with stakeholders. They also spend time with their customers and employees.

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Anthony Cole Training Group

Anthony Cole Training Group provides sales leadership training, virtual seminars, and video lessons. They also specialize in delivering customized sales training programs to meet the needs of your company. These programs are geared towards helping sales leaders get the most out of their salespeople. Whether you’re a sales leader looking to improve your skills, or a manager wanting to improve the efficiency of your sales team, there’s a program for you.

Anthony Cole, founder of the Anthony Cole Training Group, has helped organizations close sales opportunity gaps for over twenty-seven years. The company specializes in helping sales teams increase their performance by selling better, coaching their employees, and hiring better. Anthony Cole is a WBENC-certified women-owned business with offices in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Despite his success, Tony Cole and his wife, Linda, were not immune to challenges. In 2002, they lost their 12-year-old son Anthony to a tragic accident on the playground. His parents’ business was forced to relocate to a new location, and the family stayed together. By 2003, the Coles’ revenue had increased to nearly three quarters of a million dollars. They even employed a bank marketing specialist to help them grow their business.

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