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Lorena Cartagena Ryan Cartagena Fat Joe the gangsta

Lorena Cartagena Ryan Cartagena Fat Joe the gangsta

Ryan, the child of hip-hop artist Fat Joe and the love of his life Lorena Cartagena Ryan is among the most private personalities out there. Ryan has been following in the footsteps of his father to become a successful musician and an entrepreneur of his own.

He was born on the 4th of December 1988 in New York City. Ryan was born of Dominican as well as Puerto Rican descent. He has one sibling, Nicole, who is two years older than Ryan. Ryan’s parents split when he was just four years old. Ryan lived with his mom and grandmother in the Bronx.

Ryan began his career as an actor and model acting in ads for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Sean John. He also has appeared in music videos of artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe. In 2009 the year 2009, he was the first actor to appear in the movie “Juvie.”

In 2010 Ryan established the fashion line “Cartagena” together with the help of his younger sister Nicole. The brand is influenced by its Dominican roots and offers streetwear that has a luxurious twist. “Cartagena” is featured in magazines such as Vogue and Elle and has been worn by famous people such as Rihanna as well as Kylie Jenner.

In the year 2016, Ryan Cartagena launched his own record label, “All We Got Entertainment.” The label’s roster includes stars such as Tee Grizzley and Cardi B. Ryan is also working on his own music and is hoping to launch an album in the near future.

Alongside his work in the entertainment industry, he also works

In who are you? Fat Joe?

Fat Joe is an American actor and rapper who became famous in the 90s thanks to the albums “Jealous One’s Envy” and “Don Cartagena”. Also, he is the creator of the record company Terror Squad Entertainment, and has appeared in movies such as “Scary Film 3” as well as “Happy Feet Two”. Ryan Cartagena is his son. Ryan Cartagena is also a rapper and is also married to Lorena Cartagena.

Is Fat Joe’s actual name?

Joseph Antonio Cartagena, better known by his stage moniker Fat Joe, is an American actor and rapper hailing who hails from the Bronx, New York. What is the number of albums Fat Joe released?

Fat Joe has released nine studio albums, two albums with collaborators, and three compilation albums. an album of live performances, and an extended play.

Who’s Ryan Cartagena, son of Fat Joe?

Ryan Cartagena is the son of Fat Joe and Lorena Cartagena. The birth of Ryan Cartagena was on 19 November 1992, in New York City. Their parents of Ryan divorced after Ryan was just two years old. The father of Ryan has since been married to a different woman and had three children.

Ryan’s mother Lorena was born in Colombia. Lorena moved to the United States when she was 18 years old. Lorena has been an agent for real estate and interior design. She is currently the owner of her own business for staging homes.

Ryan was a high school graduate in the year 2010. He went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he studied fashion design. After graduating from college, Ryan worked as a stylist for the clothing line of his father, Terror Squad Clothing. Ryan has also been an actor and model.

In the year 2016, Ryan was married to his wife Lorena. The couple has one child Ryder is a daughter. Cartagena.


What is Lorena Cartagena the mother to Fat Joe?

Lorena Cartagena is an entrepreneur and businesswoman that is married to Ryan Cartagena, the son of rapper Fat Joe. They have two kids together.

Lorena is a native of the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when she was as a young girl. She attended High School in New York City and then pursued a degree in business in college. Following her graduation, she set up her own event-planning company.

Lorena is committed to helping others. She has participated in a variety of charitable initiatives. She is also a board member for the Ryan and Lorena Cartagena Foundation which aids children who are in need from the Dominican Republic.

In her spare moments, Lorena enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as traveling.

Lorena Cartagena is a Colombian-American businesswoman and is the spouse of the rapper Fat Joe. The couple has got married in 2009, and they have two kids together. Lorena is co-founder of the fashion brand Dope Couture, which has been worn by stars like Rihanna as well as Jay-Z. Lorena is also the creator of her own range of products for beauty named Lorena Beauty.


What are they do?

Ryan Cartagena and his wife, Lorena, are the parents of two toddlers. Ryan is an actor and rapper as well as Lorena is an actress and model. They met when they worked in the music industry and they have been married for 4 years.

They reside in Los Angeles, California with their two children. Ryan is working on his music career while Lorena concentrates on modeling and performing. The couple has stated that they have a great relationship with each other’s career paths, and they say that they are always seeking new opportunities to collaborate.

What is the reason they appear in the news these days?

In recent times the son of Fat Joe Ryan Cartagena and his wife Lorena have been featured in the news due to their involvement in the non-profit organization they created, My Life My Power. The foundation helps children who are from communities that are underserved get access to resources and education to enable them to make positive changes in their lives.

Ryan, as well as Lorena, are being reported as well because they just welcomed their first kid, their little girl who was named Giovanna. The couple is obviously thrilled to be parents, and are certain to be an excellent role model for their daughter when she grows older.

Joe’s touching posts

Through the decades, Fat Joe has mostly been silent about all his children. Yet, Joe has taken to social media several times to pay tribute to his youngest son Joey. For instance, in 2015 Joe went on Facebook to post a story about Joey.

“I’m extremely private with my baby. Joey is an exceptional child full of love and joy. There’s no way you can comprehend the way he feels unless you have someone in your family who faces difficulties in their life,” the “What’s Luv” rapper wrote. “He’s my best friend and the reason behind all the blessings I have. I Love him to death #godisgreat.” “He was a child with special needs. I was the one who raised myself and my family. His mother couldn’t take him in so instead of being sent to a center, we took care of him for the rest of his existence. I learned the obligations of parenting the hard way.”

Joyous whishing over his son’s birthday Instagram

A few years later, in the year 2018, Fat Joe again posted lovely words about his son and his son, this time on Instagram. “Joey is and always has been a million times more joyful than I am He brings us joy , and I’m convinced that my parents have been alive. they will never be away from him. I’ve never been one to blog pictures of Joey since people are cruel, but I’ve learned to share my personal experiences with my family and friends to let you feel safe knowing that you’re not all on your own.

Happy birthday my son! I will cherish you and my children until my final breath. Thank you, mommy and poppy for being there for me throughout my life and helping me learn to be a better human being. When JOEY is celebrating his birthday, we celebrate yet another wonderful victory for the entire family. Happy Birthday, Joey. I am so happy for you “




Son of Fat Joe Ryan Cartagena and his wife Lorena are both very successful young professionals. They own their own companies and are making a great living for themselves. It is evident that they are extremely in love with each other and have a lot of common desires. They appear to be extremely happy We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

We hope you found this article. If you want to know more information about Fat Joe and his family we invite you to read our other pieces.

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