May 15, 2024
Time Management Tools

As the famous saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. For an entrepreneur, time plays a crucial role in their daily lives. For instance, the meeting schedule and travel schedule. The key to maximizing productivity and efficiency depends on time management skills. Efficient time management skills lead to optimal use of resources. Since you are busy, we have taken the liberty to shortlist a few time management tools that you can use.

Time management can often be complex as you have to juggle daily chores. For an entrepreneur, time is the most precious thing that they cannot afford to waste. You must make a few changes to make the best of your time.

To begin with, you can prepare a to-do list and prioritize the task you want to accomplish each day. Otherwise, what usually occurs with business owners is they would often put off instilling a system to better manage their time. As a result, essential tasks get piled up and later, completing the vital tasks in time becomes impossible, losing valuable time.

Since technology has advanced many folds over the years, you can lean on technology for time management tools to keep your affairs in order. As a result, you can be even more productive and efficient and manage your time.

1. Picktime

If you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity and get more out of your day, Picktime is the perfect time management tool and appointment management tool for you. 

Managing and scheduling appointments has always been a hassle. Picktime is an appointment scheduling software you can use to schedule your appointment and meetings seamlessly. You can organize your schedules with just a click. Furthermore, it is very intuitive. Therefore, people with less computer skills can use the software effortlessly. You can send automated reminders over email or SMS. Meanwhile, you can also integrate popular video conferencing platforms such as Google meet or Zoom in the automated Scheduled SMS. That is in case you want to conduct a remote meeting.

Moreover, the software offers other beneficial features, such as a 24/7 booking page, that ease the booking process. As a result, you can keep an eye on how well the business does financially. With payment gateway integration, you can receive partial or complete payment from customers while booking an appointment. That will assist you in avoiding no-shows.

2. Trello

Trello is a project management tool. With this software, you can effortlessly centralize the workflow. For instance, you can assign tasks to the team, and the team can talk to each other. While giving duties, you can also mention the deadline to complete the tasks. You can check on the progress from time to time, even if you are traveling or on vacation. This software works best if you adopt the Kanban method.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a task management software that you can use to prioritize your personal and professional tasks. If you use the software to run the affairs of the business. You can use the software to work with the team to complete the tasks on time and efficiently. For personal use, you can schedule your appointment for the day, make a list of groceries and place reminders for yourself.

Compared to other popular task management software, Wunderlist is straightforward, and you can tick off the tasks after completing them. Furthermore, you can also assign dates and deadlines to complete the tasks. It can use the software across many devices, for instance, a mobile phone, tablet and a pc version for laptops and desktops. So you can even use the software even when you are traveling.


4. Harvest

Harvest is a time-tracking application suitable for the crew and for working professionals. The application assists you in organizing the projects and keeping an eye on the time taken to complete the tasks. Meanwhile, the application also offers other beneficial features.

Some of the outstanding features include invoicing, payments and expense tracking. Furthermore, you can integrate 100 or more third-party applications with fantastic customer care service. If you are looking for an all-rounder, look no further, Harvest would be a superb choice.

5. G Suite

G Suite is very popular and easy to understand. G Suite is a collection of Google applications designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, available at a reasonable rate. That includes Gmail for businesses and Google calendar apps like Google Keep. You can effortlessly link all the G Suite applications on single platforms seamlessly. That would improve productivity and efficiency.

6. Focus Booster

Before we go on and talk about the application. Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique? If otherwise, you should know about this technique. The time-tracking approach assists in improving productivity astonishingly.

How this strategy is easy to comprehend, that is, if you are working on a project. You can set a timer, take a break, and complete the tasks in blocks. That is typically after 25 minutes. With the assistance of Focus Booster, you can effortlessly do that, and one of the apps to manage. If you feel that you get stuck somewhere, then you can take a pen and paper. Then you can try the technique with just a timer.

7. Boomerang

You can effortlessly link Boomerang with Gmail. You can program to make straightforward reminders and schedule emails to send later.

The function of this tool is easy to comprehend. For instance, a few emails can trigger some futile conversations. You can use Boomerang to give a response to all the emails at once. As a result, you can seamlessly sort the email based on urgency. As a result, you can respond to urgent emails to improve efficiency.

8. Brain. fm

Brain. fm was initially designed by a group of neuroscientists to improve their productivity. Completing how the app works is easy. For instance, the app takes advantage of music to ease you into a desirable cognitive state.

For instance, if you want to be time efficient, you aim to improve your focus. Here, Brain. fm uses original music to match your brainwave to assist in improving focus. In other words, you may not hear music that is today’s playlist on Brain. fm. The app claims to produce results in 10 minutes. With such assistance, you can make the best of every second of the time.

In conclusion, the best time management tools are the ones that work for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so find what works for you and stick with it. Time management is a skill that can be learned and mastered with practice. By using these tools, you can take control of your time and become more productive.

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