June 8, 2024
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Undoubtedly, the health benefits of swimming are varied. This is because swimming involves, above all, the use of several parts of the body at the same time, as well as coordination, effort, speed and other factors with lifeguard renewal.

When swimming, each of the muscle groups moves in a coordinated way, in addition to improving resistance. Today we will discover some of its health benefits that you will be interested in knowing.

Health benefits of swimming

As the guide prepared by the National Institute for Older Persons points out, swimming can improve the quality of life. Next, we will discover why this is so and the benefits that it not only brings to older people, but also to younger people.

1. Delays the aging process

The first of the benefits of swimming is that it helps delay aging. In other words, this does not mean that it does not occur, but that it will prevent the problems associated with it from taking time to appear; as well certified by a research developed in 2019 by the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine.

Swimming will help you feel young for longer; preventing mobility, flexibility and bone problems from manifesting before.

2. Helps increase motor skills, one of the benefits of swimming

Thanks to the type of activity that has to be done when swimming, the body is more alert. This causes the motor capacity to increase. Furthermore, it involves coordinating both the limbs and breathing . And it helps to have a better balance with a more efficient and faster reaction time.

3. Improve memory

Another benefit of swimming is that it improves memory . This is because the breathing exercises that are put into practice help oxygenate the brain.

In addition, as a study published in 2019 by the Life Sciences Magazine explains , motor coordination favors the brain having to create “new neural ties” .

4. Burn calories

Being a complete exercise, swimming is one of the best options to burn more calories. Of course, this is because the water causes the limbs to have to work harder to move . This means that the muscles work five to six times more than when you run, for example. What makes this exercise an excellent method to relieve and prevent obesity.

5. Makes the body more resistant

The fifth of the benefits of swimming is that it offers more resistance because, on the one hand, it helps to develop the lung capacity to achieve a greater capacity for anaerobic resistance . On the other hand, swimming also has an impact on bone strengthening .

6. Gives greater flexibility

You will gain in elasticity and flexibility. Thanks to the fact that you use your extremities to practice it, swimming allows you to have greater mobility; exercising the joints .

As a result, you gain more flexibility while increasing your range of motion.

7. Promotes the proper functioning of the cardiorespiratory system

When swimming you need to perform breathing exercises that could have a positive effect on the body. As has been believed, this causes a greater lung capacity and that the brain is oxygenated; so it helps the cardiorespiratory system work properly.

However, with the passage of time, specialists in the area are not so clear that this is the case. Since contact with chlorine could be harmful to asthmatic people. Therefore, in view of the current information, it is best to consult with the doctor and continue to wait for further research in this regard

8. Relieve back pain, one of the benefits of swimming

Currently, there are specialists who recommend hydrotherapy to alleviate certain ailments. Above all, those that are related to muscle pain.

In this line, one of the most benefited areas in this regard is the back: and it is that swimming, according to a study carried out by specialist Victoria Pennick, can reduce pain and increase flexibility . Likewise, it is also used as a form of support in therapies for people with motor problems.

9. Improves circulation

Swimming also has benefits for the circulatory system.

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