July 13, 2024

Do you know the Motus show? Wordle should then talk to you. This new word game, as simple as it is addictive, is a hit. But what exactly is Wordle? We tell you everything you need to know.

They are everywhere these little green, yellow or gray boxes filled with letters. On the internet, on social networks (and in particular Twitter). Almost everyone talks about it and yet the Wordle phenomenon remains a mystery for many French people.

Originally, Wardle was a game created by engineer Josh Wardle for his partner who was a fan of word games. But today, it is a real phenomenon. What is this Motus-like game? How does it work ? And why is it so successful. We studied the subject.

Wordle, what is it?

Wordle is a word game based on the same model as Motus. Five squares are arranged horizontally. The player has six changes to find a word. But be careful, he can only try his luck once a day and the word changes every 24 hours.

When a letter is well placed in the searched word, the box is green. When the letter is not part of the word, the box remains gray. Finally, a letter is circled in yellow when it is part of the word but is not positioned in the right place. The more daring players can reduce the number of attempts to three, two or only one attempt.

Why is Wordle so successful?

The success of Wordle is based on clever mechanisms but, above all, an important social dimension because, in fact, it is ultimately nothing more than a simple word game. Wordle is a games to play when bored.

The very principle of the game creates a certain addiction. Having to wait 24 hours to discover a new word gives a daily appointment. This also creates a certain expectation among the players. Moreover, this reinforces the “challenge” dimension.

Above all, Wordle is a social game. Every day, more than a million players try to guess the same word by reducing the number of attempts as much as possible. After each sports championship game (whether it ends in victory or failure), players are invited to share their result of the day.

More than the result itself, it is above all the path traveled to find the right word that interests the players. “And if I went to see how my friend managed to find the word of the day? » . All these reasons together have created real hype around this Sports app game.

However, there is a limit, and not the least: the real Wordle is only available in English.

Fake Wordle apps

Wordle’s success has inspired some unscrupulous developers. The App Store and the Play Store have recently been flooded with copies of the game. Some are even paid and are offered at exorbitant prices (up to 30 euros). If Apple claims to have deleted these clones, nothing says that others will not pass through in the days or weeks to come.

To be sure not to fall into the trap, simply remember that Wordle is not a game available as an application and play also google memory game . It is only accessible on a web browser via the Power Language site.

As the game is only available in English, other sites using the same structure, a similar appearance and the same principles decline the formula in other languages.

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