June 15, 2024

Here are seven reasons to consider buying a pre-owned automobile if you are considering purchasing a car but aren’t sure whether to buy a new or used car.

When you purchase a new automobile, you have this pleasant feeling. Some people may be enthusiastic about it, whilst for others, a car may be a required piece of equipment for going from point A to point B. In any event, the first concern that the majority of people have when making a car purchase is whether to get a new or used automobile. Buying 2nd hand cars in Bangalore is very profitable.

If you’re one of those people who believes the former is the best option, then you might not be mistaken. A new car purchase does offer several benefits. Here are the reasons why you ought to think about purchasing a used car if that isn’t the case and you are open to advice.

The primary justification is that they are far less expensive than brand-new cars. The price gap between the two can frequently reach over 50%. So, you’ll save a lot of money if you have the patience to search for the best offer.

The greatest location to purchase your ideal car, which may have been out of your price range as a brand-new car, is the used car market.

Lower Rates

The depreciation on new automobiles is substantially larger, which is one of the reasons why secondhand cars are less expensive. An automobile loses the majority of its value within the first three years, often by as much as 60%. But that’s not the case with used automobiles; they degrade at a considerably slower rate, so even if you sell your used car after three years, if it’s kept in good shape, you may obtain about the same value.

No Additional Charges

Used cars come without any additional charges. You must pay for registration, road tax, and other RTO fees if the vehicle is new. In contrast, you just pay for the automobile when you purchase a used car, obtaining full value for your money.

Extended Warranty

Many new automobile owners receive up to five-year extended warranties at the time of purchase. You can benefit from a business warranty on such a car if you can locate one that is under five years old. As the new owner of the vehicle, you may even purchase an extended warranty from some automakers that can last up to seven years.

Endless Options

If, however, you are not that fortunate, do not worry. Currently, the market is flooded with organized used car dealers that provide pre-owned cars with warranties lasting up to a year. In actuality, several automakers actually have an operating automobile business.

Lower Insurance Cost

In addition, used automobiles attract lower insurance costs than new cars. The market value of the vehicle is used to determine the cost of auto insurance. As a result, an insurance provider will raise the rate for a brand-new automobile. However, you can insure a used car for a lot less money because it has already lost the majority of its value due to depreciation.

EMI Options Available

The monthly payment you make will be significantly less even if used automobiles have a higher interest rate when applying for a loan since the loan amount and EMI duration are probably lower than they would be for a brand-new car.

Most Of The Depreciation Has Already Taken Place.

Once they drive a new automobile off the lot, many lament how rapidly it depreciates in value. A new car’s value might decrease by 11% on the way home, so as you drive it off the lot, your $20,000 car is only worth $17,800. Weeks, months, and years go by while the automobile continues to depreciate. The majority of depreciation in secondhand cars has already taken place. Some second hand cars could even appreciate in value! The “True Cost to Own” feature from Edmunds shows how much a car will actually cost to own as well as how rapidly it will depreciate.


Some pre-owned vehicles still have a portion of their original warranties intact. Creating a new contract may be a possibility for other used autos. An extended manufacturer warranty on a secondhand automobile might provide you access to factory-qualified mechanics who can fix your car quickly and using high-quality components. Additionally, you may use some of the money you saved by not purchasing a new vehicle and benefit from a guarantee that covers everything for 100,000 miles or more. What modern car provides that?

Less Expensive Insurance Rates

Your insurance will only cover the value of the automobile at the time of the accident, creating a gap between the cost of the accident and the value of the car. Gap insurance can help in that situation. Gap insurance will pay the difference between the price you bought for a new car and the value it has lost over time, but it will increase your insurance cost. With a used automobile, there is no need for gap insurance because the depreciation has already taken place.

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