July 13, 2024

Every seller should look forward to Amazon Prime Day because it is a big occasion

It enables online retailers worldwide to profit from the spike in demand for all goods during this time. 

You can increase your company’s growth potential by advertising on Amazon Prime Day. You may even target consumers abroad thanks to the over 300 million active Prime member accounts. Use the amazon seller dashboard to strategize, plan and execute with its smart analytics, real-time data and tools to increase your revenue. 

How can I get ready for Prime Day in 2023?  

The largest discount bargains on Amazon are only available to Prime members during the two-day Amazon Prime Day event. Therefore, you must start planning for the event if you are a seller. A step-by-step tutorial for selling on Amazon Prime is provided here. 

Create a plan/ strategy: A sound strategy is essential to succeeding on occasions like Amazon Prime Day. To determine what would sell your product the best, you must draw on your prior selling expertise and build a plan based on historical data. Replicating successful past tactics is a secure way to increase revenue. To enhance the Amazon Prime selling rate, you would need to make some modifications if you were a new entrant to the market. 

It occurs when customers browse product listings and add the items they want to their shopping carts to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day’s lowest prices. Making preparations in advance is crucial. At least three weeks before the event, update your product listing. 

Understanding Amazon’s criteria as an e-commerce platform is the first step in building an optimal product listing. To draw large audiences, you must create compelling photos of your products that adhere to eCommerce standards.

Shortlist your “Bestselling” products: If you sell a vast selection of products, you should select a small number of “Best Selling Products” and concentrate on them. These products should have the ability to stand out in the market in terms of ratings, reviews, and, of course, pricing. Do your study, discover the most well-liked products among consumers, and highlight related products. 

You may pitch your product and increase sales by showing it in the best light. It’s easier than it might appear to build the ideal Amazon portfolio for your flagship product. 

Give priority to special offers and discounts: The amazing discounts provided during Amazon Prime Day make the event well-known. For the same reason, buyers eagerly anticipate this occasion. Deals and discounts that your customers won’t be able to resist must be your priority as a seller.

The following are some of the bargains that perform best on Amazon Prime Day and raise the selling rate for Amazon Prime:

Bargain of the Day: To increase traffic to your product listing, you can run this deal for 24 hours as the name says. 

Lighting offers are the finest for increasing customer awareness of the products because they can last up to 6 hours. 

Exclusive savings: These offers may be made available only to Prime subscribers.

There are ongoing promotions that increase product click-through rates.

In addition to the discounts listed above, coupon deals can help you increase sales conversion.

Improve inventory control: As a seller, you must put inventory control at the top of your list of priorities when making preparations for Amazon Prime Day.

You must send Amazon inventory and shipment requests at least 20–25 days before the event. 

For goods that have been in FBA storage for longer than 365 days, Amazon typically deletes them automatically. To prevent running out of supply, you must maintain a close eye on your product inventory. 

Ensure that you are “retail ready”: To be retail ready, your product listing must be concise, informative, and above all, alluring to the client. As an eCommerce seller, you must spend money on product photography to create polished, branded photographs of your goods.

What you can do is as follows: 

Recognize Amazon’s listing requirements:

  • Spend money on lighting setup for your photography so you can take detailed product photographs.
  • Be imaginative
  • Utilize the potential of image enhancement. 

You should never undervalue the significance of the product listing as a seller. It covers everything, from producing high-quality product photos to selecting the appropriate keywords to help your product rank highly whenever a customer searches for it. 

Sellers frequently need to make better decisions that negatively impact the overall success of their products on eCommerce sites like Amazon, even though these are well-known guidelines for product photography. You must avoid a few frequent blunders to get superior results when taking product shots. 


Using the detailed instructions and advice above, you can grow your company into the worldwide market for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day event in 2023.

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