July 13, 2024
Shower Standing Handle

Having a shower standing handle will not only increase the security of your shower, but it will also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. The best shower standing handles come in a variety of styles to suit all types of tastes. This article will explore a few more popular styles and show you how to install them.

Moen Shower Standing Handle

Using Moen Shower standing handles can help you shower safely and securely. The handle has a textured rubber surface to give you an extra grip. The handle is also helpful for seniors and people with mobility problems.

A shower standing handle can be installed in a variety of ways. One option is to place it on a tiled wall. However, installing it on a ceramic tile requires additional mounting hardware. You will also need a hole saw to drill the holes.

Suction Cup Handle

Another option is to place a suction cup handle. The suction cup handle may be a little harder to install but it will work well if you have a steady hand and some practice. The handle should be positioned at the desired height and pressed down until the handle clicks. It may be necessary to press the handle hard to stick to the tile.

If you cannot install the handle, you will need to hire a plumber or builder. There are also removable shower standing rails available. These rails can be moved around and used on trips, but they may not be as secure as fixed rails.

Highest Rate of Falls

A standing shower handle can help you wash and shower safely and quickly. It can also provide extra support for older adults and people with mobility limitations. The CDC has found that older adults have the highest rate of falls.

While there are many different types of shower standing handles on the market, it is essential to pick one that best suits your needs. You should consider each handle’s size, weight, style, and functionality before purchasing.

Contemporary Designs

A shower standing handle can help you prevent falls while bathing. You can also use it as a bath safety grab bar when you need it. Shower standing handles are soft rubber and usually come in contemporary designs. They are also available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Shower standing handles are not permanent fixtures, so you will need to reattach them before each use. Before installing them, you will need to make sure they are secure. You will also need to drill holes for them and install the appropriate screws.

Injury or Surgery

Using shower standing handles can help reduce the risk of falls in the shower and help people with mobility problems and other disabilities. These handles can also be helpful for people recovering from an injury or surgery.

Three types of grab bars are fixed, free-standing, and suction-cup. These have different uses, but all three can be used to hold a toilet paper roll, soap, towels, or shower head. Choosing the best type of shower standing handle will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

Non-Slip Rubber Bottoms

Fixed shower standing handles are typically fixed to the bathroom wall, which makes them more secure than free-standing models. These types of handles usually have non-slip rubber bottoms. They are also more expensive than removable models.

Floor-to-Ceiling Tension Bars

Free-standing grab bars usually have floor-to-ceiling tension bars. They are also found in toilet enclosures. They are generally located near the shower or beside the tub.

Suction-cup grab bars are compact and easily placed in some hotel bathrooms. They are inexpensive compared to fixed-mount alternatives but should not be used on small tiles or drywall. You should also make sure that the suction is vital before using them.

The Stander Security Pole is an innovative transfer pole designed for those needing mobility assistance. Whether you need to sit down to use the bathroom, get out of the shower or get up and move around, this unique design will make it easier to get the support you need. This sturdy transfer pole is designed to be height adjustable and offers a sturdy grip for steady support.

Final Words:

The pole is made of durable zinc-coated steel and has four handgrips for a comfortable grip. The support handle features rubber-tipped feet to help prevent falls on wet or slippery floors. It is available in black and white and comes with an “Unconditional” Lifetime Warranty.

The Security Pole is tension mounted and supports 300 pounds. It can be installed anywhere in the home. The pole is easy to install and assembles in minutes. It is height adjustable and blends into the home decor.

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